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Tying OKRs to Review Cycles in IMPACT

Learn how to seamlessly align OKRs with review cycles in IMPACT, ensuring strategic goals are integrated into performance evaluations for optimal organizational alignment.

📽️ Check out our video tutorial on tying OKRs to review cycles in IMPACT

📝 Here is a step-by-step guide on tying OKRs to review cycles in IMPACT

1. Navigate to <>

2. Click "Manage"

3. Click "New review cycle"

4. Enter a name and introduction for your OKR review cycle

5. Next you will select the review recipients and reviewers

6. Click this icon to include a self evaluation

7. Click "Save and Next"

8. Click the "Search questions" field and type in OKR

9. Click each OKR question to add them to the review cycle

10. Click "Save and Next"

11. Add the visibility layer and click "Save and Next"

12. Click "Save and Schedule"

13. Click the "3 dots" icon

14. Click "Start now"

15. Click "Start" to begin your OKR review!

To see it in action, please visit Peoplelogic Learn.

Updated on: 06/06/2024

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