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Create surveys in IMPACT

Watch a quick video guide:

Get started with creating a survey as an Admin by following these steps.

Step 1: Survey overview & admins

Name: Give your survey a clear name, like "Employee Happiness." This will be visible to participants and will help you to find it later.
Survey Introduction: Write a brief message that responders will see before starting the survey. Include important information you want your participants to notice.
Add a tag (optional) to your survey to find it more easily.
Define Survey Admins: Choose the users who will have administrative privileges for managing the survey's settings and viewing its results.

💡 Add managers as admins if you want them to see their team's responses.

Step 2: Set the survey timeline

Survey dates & frequency

Surveys stay open until you close or archive them. For active surveys, new rounds will be started according to the “Survey frequency” setting you define (can be one-time).

For repeating survey rounds, use the “Close each survey round after” option to choose between 1 to 10 days for each round’s duration. After the specified number of days has passed, submitting new answers for the given round will no longer be possible.

Survey Reminders

Set up to 3 email reminders so participants don't forget to answer the survey round.

Step 3: Create survey questions

You can switch between the “Active” and “Paused” tabs for questions. Use the drag-and-drop editor to make changes, such as reordering or updating questions for your future and ongoing surveys or pausing specific questions.

❗️Note that the "eNPS" question can't be paused, and there can be only one such question.

Click "Save" and use "Preview" to check your survey before launching it. This will allow you to see the survey through the eyes of its participants.

Question Types:

Open-ended: Free-text answer.
Linear scale: Numbered scale with customization options.
Multiple choice: Select one answer from a list.
Checkboxes: Select one or more answers from a list.
eNPS (Employee Net Promoter Score): Ranges from 0 (Not very likely) to 10 (Very likely).
Heading: Separate or highlight sections of your survey form.

Mark questions as “Required” and allow comments for more valuable insights.

💡 Enabling comments on close-ended questions provides more information and helps understand employees better.

🧠 About eNPS
eNPS is a leading indicator of an employee's commitment to the company, measured with the question, "How likely are you to recommend this organization as a place to work?" By default, it contains a choice from 0 (Not very likely) to 10 (Very likely).

Step 4: Survey participants

Choose who you want to fill out your survey. Participants can be all employees in Plai or a specific subset of employees based on attributes (specific teams, users, or locations).

💡 Survey filters are dynamic. When you add new employees to your Plai workspace, and if the employee matches the survey filter (included in the survey), they'll automatically be added to your surveys at the start of each new round. Invited users receive a notification to fill out the survey at the beginning of each round.

You can add survey participants in two ways via the dropdown:
option 1) include all employees at once. This will include all Active & Invited users in your workspace.
option 2) include specific participants using a filter

👥 Tips for selecting participants:
- Specify the minimum tenure of employees you want to include in the survey. Note that this filter will still include employees whose "Start Date" field is not filled in their user profile. You can edit or set new dates via the Edit Profile feature.
- Exclude specific participants using filters, such as certain teams, users, or locations.

Data check

After defining your survey participants, you will see the total number of members added and the total number of filters applied.

To check for specific users in the participants’ list, use the search function to search for participants by name.

Review the final list of participants and exclude anyone you do not want to add to the survey by clicking the '❌' button.

Step 5: Define survey visibility & anonymity threshold

Visibility of responses

By default, surveys are anonymous. You can enable the setting for a non-anonymous survey. When enabled, participants will see a clear hint indicating whether or not the survey is anonymous.

❗️This option cannot be changed after launching the survey.

Anonymity threshold

Set a minimum number of responders needed to view collective responses. When activated, neither HR admins nor managers can view the answers until the minimum number is reached. This feature provides an additional layer of anonymity.

Share the results of the survey

Choose who will see the survey results and whether they'll view anonymous or non-anonymous data. You can share results with:

Manager(s): Allow managers to view the results and analytics of the shared survey of their direct and indirect subordinates.
Specific People: Pick workspace users to view the survey results and analytics.

Click "Save and Close" after completing all selections.

After launch

Once the survey launches, it'll start collecting responses immediately. Participants will receive an email notification, including the survey link, and can also access active surveys in the "My Surveys" tab in IMPACT.

Updated on: 21/02/2024

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