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Participate in surveys in IMPACT

This guide will answer some common questions about participating in surveys to share feedback and help your organization improve.

Where can I access my surveys?

As a user without HR admin or manager permissions, you can access your surveys anytime in the "My surveys" tab. Once the survey begins, you will receive a notification via email with a direct link to an active survey and a deadline to submit the answers.

Make sure to click the "Save" button after writing your responses at the end of the survey. This will ensure that your response has been recorded.

Are my responses truly anonymous?

Yes, all surveys collect anonymous feedback by default. However, HR admins can change the settings during setup to collect non-anonymous responses. If your survey is set up to be anonymous, you will see a clear hint guaranteeing your anonymity. The same prompt will be in the case of a non-anonymous survey.

Who has access to view my responses?

Your survey responses will be available to HR admins and/or HR managers who set up the survey. Additionally, access to your responses may be granted to other people, most commonly managers or C-level executives within your organization.

Can I edit my responses?

During a survey, you can go back to previous questions and edit your responses by clicking the "Previous" button. However, it is impossible to edit your responses after submitting them.

Updated on: 21/02/2024

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