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IMPACT OKR TV screen is a dashboard designed to keep your goals public, and your team engaged.

One of the critical problems with OKRs is that people forget about them and/or lose engagement.

Displaying your key Objectives on the TV dashboard in the office is a great way to achieve that. Show everyone what your main focus is and what's the most recent progress.

To enable the OKR TV screen, you need to have "Admin"-level permissions.

Go to Menu (1) → Workspace Settings (2) → TV mode (3).

Press New TV screen (4), select the Objective cycle, and up to 6 teams. The progress during this Objective cycle for these teams would be displayed by the generated secure link after you press Create link.

As an Admin, you can monitor all the active links in the tab TV mode. You can see when was the link last used, enable/disable it (1).

You can edit the screen by pressing the Edit screen button (2).

You can remove the screen by pressing the Remove screen button (3).

All the changes that you make to the TV screens will be reflected on the dashboard in up to 30 seconds.

TV Dashboard

Copy the link that you generated in the "TV mode" section and open it in any browser.

Each screen shows:

The Objectives progress for selected teams over time (0-100%).
The average for each team at the current moment.
How many Objectives are in each status for each team.
All the Objectives in each team. The Objectives expand one by one to show the Key Results. The teams rotate one by one to show the Objectives of all displayed teams.
Latest activity (history of updates) of the currently expanded Objective.

The data on the screen is updated every 30 seconds. When you make changes to the Objectives, it will be reflected on the screen in up to 30 seconds.

Each link is pre-authorized and includes a token, which means that you don't need to login to IMPACT on each device where you would like to display the OKR TV Dashboard. Just insert the link in the browser.

The links work well with all the major TV-screen management software (for example, Screen.Cloud

Here's an OKR TV link from the demo environment for you to test how the IMPACT TV Dashboard would look like in practice 👉

Updated on: 21/02/2024

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