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IMPACT AI guide ✨

Become the leader of the future with IMPACT AI!

Our AI-powered features help team leaders plan goals and work with employee data more efficiently by providing powerful AI recommendations and summaries.

Here’s what you can do with IMPACT AI.

🎈 Create OKRs with IMPACT AI

Save time on goal-planning and create well-defined OKRs based on your requirements with smart AI suggestions.

Access the AI assistant by clicking the "OKR Templates (AI)✨" button.

Write a prompt that specifies the details of your goal, and Plai AI will create an OKR for you. Request further improvements with the button “Regenerate OKR” or simply click the "Use this OKR" button to add it to your current OKR cycle.

💡 To improve your AI-generated OKR results, provide as many details about goals as possible in your prompt, such as your team, general goals/direction you are working towards, deadline, activities, etc. Alternatively, you can use one of our suggested OKR prompts for Marketing, Sales, People Ops, Finance, or Engineering departments.

Create OKR with AI in Plai

🪄 Get feedback on your goals

Achieve more with AI suggestions for improving your OKRs. This feature will enhance your goals by utilizing data and tips from OKR guides on the web and in our knowledge base.

To request improvements for your OKR, click on “Improve OKR with AI ✨” in the details of your objective. This will open a modal window with a new suggested version of your improved OKR.

[Improve OKR with AI recommendations in IMPACT] (

🗝  AI summaries of performance reviews

Access concise AI-generated summaries of performance review feedback to easily identify strengths and areas for improvement.

Generate a summary of a team member's feedback from peers and direct reports, providing managers with a digestible overview. This summary will extract information from both grades and written feedback, highlighting the most important findings and recommendations on employee performance.

To use it, click the button “Generate summary with AI ✨” in your performance review report.

IMPACT AI-powered summaries of employee performance feedback

☝️ Note: AI features are experimental and might give biased / incomplete results.

Updated on: 04/06/2024

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