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Review Analytics in IMPACT

Here's a quick video demo about the Review Analytics feature in IMPACT. 📊

Analyze your review results, get powerful insights and help your team perform better together.

Or if you prefer text, keep reading our guide below.

How to use the HR analytics 📊

Before you begin, make sure you have Admin, HR Admin, or HR manager permissions.

In the "Analytics" tab, select one or multiple review cycles for analysis.
Pick up to 10 linear scale questions or score attributes from your performance reviews to compare the grades for each of them.

Picking up variables for analysis

You can filter your results by the following criteria:
- Gender: compare the grades of employees by gender. 
- Location: compare the performance of your offices in different locations. 
- Birthday range: compare the performance of Senior vs. Junior level employees. 
- Start/end date range: compare by the tenure in the company. 
- User(s): exclude and include particular employees in your report. 
- Team(s): compare the average performance of specific teams.

Filtering and grouping results

You can group your results by the following criteria:
- Compare grades by locations
- Compare grades by teams
- Compare grades by direct managers

*Pro-tip: you also can compare the grades before and after calibration to see any discrepancies in the results. To do it, check if HRs calibrated some of your reviews questions, and then add "calibrated" and "non-calibrated" results in your report.

Note: users without the location, team or direct manager will be included in the combined “N/A” (No Answer) group.

Comparing "Calibrated" and "Non-calibrated" variables

Switch to the table view to see the values of the grades.

Switch to a table view

That's a wrap folks! All the review insights at your fingertips with Review Analytics! 🚀
Wish you a fun and insightful analysis.

Updated on: 21/02/2024

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