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Getting started with surveys in IMPACT

Peoplelogic partnered with Plai in August 2023. Since then, our team has been working hard to transition Plai to Peoplelogic Impact from a branding perspective. Please stay tuned for platform domain updates and email notifications. In the meantime, the content of this article should help you get started!

Employee Surveys in IMPACT allow you to set up recurring surveys and keep track of how engaged your team is - even if they're working remotely. Recurring surveys can help by showing changes over time, just like time-lapse photography.

With surveys, you can directly receive feedback, know how your employees feel, gauge their satisfaction, understand their views on your organization's efforts, and even get an idea about how they balance their work and personal life. Here's a short video overview about surveys in IMPACT:

Guides on how to use surveys

🖍 Create survey

📊 Interpreting survey results & analytics

🙋🏻‍♀️ Participate in surveys

🕹 Navigating surveys menu

📍Survey statuses explained

📝 Making changes to an active round

FAQ about surveys

- What survey types are available in IMPACT?
The surveys in IMPACT are designed to be recurring, so you can measure sentiments and indicators over time. Additionally, you can set up different kinds of employee surveys, from employee satisfaction and pulse surveys to receiving feedback on new ideas and work-life balance. IMPACT provides customizable settings for tweaking questions, rating scales, timelines, notifications, and more.
☝️ Note: you can also launch 1-time surveys (not recurring), if needed.

- Are IMPACT surveys truly anonymous?
Yes, all surveys collect anonymous feedback by default. However, HR admins can change the settings during setup to collect non-anonymous responses. If your survey is set up to be anonymous, you will see a clear hint guaranteeing your anonymity. The same prompt will be in the case of a non-anonymous survey.

- Does IMPACT offer analytic tools for surveys?

IMPACT offers utilities like Heatmap, reporting of Participation rate, and Trends Analysis in surveys to analyze Linear scale questions and eNPS questions over time for rounds. A user-friendly filter lets you customize your data view based on Round, Teams, Direct manager, Users, Locations, Gender, Age groups, Tenure, and Questions facilitated.

- Who can access and modify surveys in IMPACT?
Access and modification permissions for surveys are only available to users with HR Admin access by default. However, during the setup process, more users can be granted these rights.

- Can I export my survey results?
Yes. IMPACT allows you to export analytical reports and survey responses in a .CSV format.

- What is the cost of using the employee surveys feature in IMPACT?
Employee surveys are available on the Pro plan in IMPACT. This plan includes other features such as performance reviews, goals, 1-1s, and more. To learn more about our pricing and plans, visit

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Updated on: 26/06/2024

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