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Making changes to an active survey round in IMPACT

IMPACT enables you to run regular surveys for tracking engagement and monitoring your company's pulse over time. However, sometimes updates are needed in an ongoing survey round. As an HR admin or a Survey admin, IMPACT allows you to make certain changes to survey settings even after it has been launched. Below is an overview of what can and cannot be modified during an open survey round.

✅ Overview

- Survey Topic (Name): Update the name of the survey for easy recognition and reporting.
- Introduction (Description): Modify the brief introductory message that responders see before starting the survey.
- Survey Admins: Add or remove users who can manage the survey's settings and view the results.

✅ Timeline

- Survey Start Date: Change the survey's initial launch date. (Note: if the survey is already started, changing the Start date will change the cadence for all the future rounds).
- Survey Frequency: Modify how often the survey recurs.
- Close Survey Round After: Adjust each survey round closing date.
- Reminders: Add, remove, or update email reminders for participants throughout the survey round.

✅ Participants

After the survey launch, you can include or exclude participants by using filters or searching for them. Simply go to the "Edit survey" settings, and you can do it in the same way as you did during survey creation.

☝️ Note: the new / removed participants will be included / excluded from future rounds. It won’t change their participation for already started rounds.

✅ Questions

You can add or pause questions in an active survey. To learn more about this, click here.

❌ Anonymity settings.

You cannot change the anonymity setting after the survey is activated.

❌ The "eNPS" question.

You cannot pause or remove this question after the launch of the survey.

💡 Keep in mind that making updates during an open survey round might impact the consistency of collected feedback, so use it cautiously.

Updated on: 21/02/2024

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