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IMPACT Survey statuses explained

Surveys in IMPACT have different statuses, providing insights into the current stage of the survey or the progress of individual responses.

Survey Statuses

As a survey owner, you can change the survey status anytime. To do so, navigate to the survey ('Surveys' > 'Manage’). Once there, open the survey context menu by clicking on the "..." button located on the right side of the survey management panel. Here, you can change survey statuses and also copy or delete your surveys.

Here are the survey statuses available in IMPACT:

Draft: The initial stage is where you can make the survey active, copy it, or delete it.
Active: The survey is ongoing, you can close or duplicate it. (Note: when you pause an “Active” survey — it returns to “Draft”)
Closed: The survey is not currently running, but you can resume its activity, copy it, or remove it from the system.

Question Statuses

Survey admins can also change the questions in the active survey rounds.

Active: The question is live and currently included in the survey.
Paused: The question is currently excluded from future rounds but can be activated later.

☝️ Note: Questions that were active in already started round, as well as their responses, will still be preserved, previous historical data is always saved.

To change the status of a question in a survey, follow these steps:

Click on the survey you want to edit.
In the "..." menu on the right, select "Edit survey."
Navigate to Step 3: "Questions" setup.
Click on the "Edit question" button for the questions you want to pause.
Change the status of the question to "Paused."

Individual Response Statuses

Not started: The user hasn't begun answering the survey.
Draft: The user has started the survey but hasn't submitted their answers.
Completed: The user has finished and submitted their responses.

☝️ Note: if the survey is Anonymous — you cannot view the status of the responses from participants. The status will be “Hidden” from you.

Updated on: 21/02/2024

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