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IMPACT OKR visibility — private and public OKRs

We added visibility options to OKRs, so that you can control who can view and edit each OKR.

When creating the OKR in IMPACT, you have an option to select the Visibility setting.

Who can view and edit new OKRs:

Public team OKRs:

👀 View: all
✍️ Edit: team members + Admins

Private team OKRs:

👀 View: team members only
✍️ Edit: team members only

Pubic user OKRs:

👀 View: all
✍️ Edit: user + manager(s) + Admins

Private user OKRs:

👀 View: user + manager(s)
✍️ Edit: user + manager(s)

note: "manager(s)" means all the managers up the hierarchy.

Additionally, every OKR can have Collaborators — an option to add any user that you want to be able to view and edit this Objective.

Here's a quick table for reference:

If you're not able to edit some of the OKRs, ask Admins to add you to the respective team, assign you as a manager of the user, or add to OKR collaborators.

You'll see a 🔒 icon next to the Objectives that you can view, but not edit.

Updated on: 21/02/2024

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