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IMPACT: How to view review results when shared with me

Peoplelogic partnered with Plai in August 2023. Since then, our team has been working hard to transition Plai to Peoplelogic Impact from a branding perspective. Please stay tuned for platform domain updates and email notifications. In the meantime, the content of this article should help you get started!

As a recipient

As a recipient, if the review results are shared with you, you will be notified by email (and receive the link in the email).

👀 You will also be able to find all your review results in the tab Reviews → My reviews. You will see a button View your results on each review cycle card where your results are available.

By pressing the View your results you will see the combined results from all participants. You might be able to see it in the Anonymous or Non-anonymous mode (depending on the review cycle visibility).

🖨 You can also download the review results in PDF (button Export as PDF) if you need to print the results or send them to someone else.

As a manager

👀 As a manager, you can see your own review results in the Reviews → My reviews tab.

You can view the review results (when they are available) of your direct reports on the tab Reviews → Direct report's by pressing the button View results next to the name of your direct report.

As a manager, you will also receive an email notification when the review results of someone from your direct reports are available.

As an HR admin

👀 As an HR, you can see the review results of each participant when you open the "Review cycle progress" by clicking on the review cycle row in the Reviews → Manage tab. 

Click the button View to view the review results.

If you take part in the review as a regular review participant, you can view your results on the tab Reviews → My reviews as a regular user.

🎥 Here's a quick video on how to do it:

Updated on: 26/06/2024

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