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How to update OKRs in IMPACT

IMPACT makes it really easy for you to update any property of Objectives and Key Results.

You can change almost every value that you see on every screen. Just click on the field, and it becomes editable. The property is automatically saved as you unfocus the cursor. 

To reorder Objectives, hover over the Objective title and press the arrows Up / Down.

☝️ Note: reordering works on the team level. My Objectives and sub-Objectives are not guaranteed to have a particular order, since they are collected from different teams.

Other properties are editable on the Objective details screen (hover over Objective title and click Open).

On Objective details you can make such updates as:

Add/remove new Key results
Reorder Key results

Change Objective cycle
Change Parent Objective, delete Objective

Add / edit Tasks

Leave comment

Add / edit notes

Feed (OKR progress history)

You can keep track of all changes that were made to the Objective on the Feed tab.

These same Feed updates you can receive in Slack if you connect it in Workspace settings and select the Slack channel on the Edit team screen (note: only Admins and HRs can do it).

☝️ Note: Any team member can view and update any OKR in your workspace. It helps create transparency and ownership of goals. Keep track of the updates with the feed.

Updated on: 21/02/2024

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