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How to monitor the Review Cycle progress in IMPACT

As an HR, go to tab Reviews → Manage.

Click on the review cycle row that is in the status "In progress". You'll navigate to the "Review cycle progress screen".

On this screen you will see:

List of participants

And the status of their responses:

Not started (gray ◻️ )
In progress (orange 🔶)
Submitted (green 🟢)
No response (red 🛑)

You can monitor the Progress - percent of reviewers that needed to submit the response (taking into account self-evaluation, if it's present in the current review cycle). 

Individual response

If you, as an HR, has permission to view the Individual response, you can click on the user icon to view the response.

When at least one reviewer submitted the response, you will be able to press View to write the combined results.


You can Send reminders - send friendly nudge email 📩 to reviewers to submit the response (if they didn't submit it yet). You can do it for the individual row or to all participants.

Calibrate responses

As an HR, if you have permission to view the results, you can also calibrate the responses. To calibrate the response, click on the user icon to view the Individual response, and click the "Calibrate" button.

You can always view the original answer on the left.
You can edit any answer on the right. You can edit them multiple times.
All other users will view only the calibrated response, not the original one (if you calibrate it).

☝️ Note: you can calibrate the response only before sharing it. After you share the results, you cannot calibrate it anymore.

Share results

As an HR, you can share the results. According to your visibility settings, all users that have the permission will be able to view the results (these can be the recipient, his/her direct manager, HRs).

☝️ Note: You cannot "unshare" the results once they are shared. Review the results before sharing.

🎥 Here's a quick video on how to do it:

Updated on: 21/02/2024

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