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How to Edit Team Emojis in Impact

Sometimes, a symbol or emoji is all it takes to give a brief overview of what a team is about. In IMPACT, you can easily change your team emojis to reflect your team's essence.

📽️ Check out our video tutorial on editing team emojis in IMPACT

📝 Here is a step-by-step guide on how to edit team emojis in IMPACT

1. Navigate to

2. On the left-side panel, click "All teams"

3. Navigate to the team you want to edit and click "View details"

4. Click "EDIT"

5. Click on the emoji you want to replace

6. Choose a new emoji from the available choices

7. Click "Save"

8. The changes you made should reflect immediately

To see it in action, please visit Peoplelogic Learn.

Updated on: 04/06/2024

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