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How to create a new Review Cycle in IMPACT

Peoplelogic partnered with Plai in August 2023. Since then, our team has been working hard to transition Plai to Peoplelogic Impact from a branding perspective. Please stay tuned for platform domain updates and email notifications. In the meantime, the content of this article should help you get started!

To create a Review Cycle, you need to have the HR access level (edit access levels in People menu item).

Go to menu item Reviews, tab Manage. Press New review cycle

Configure the cycle params:

1) Name & Introduction

Name - how the review will be called;
Introduction - text reviewers will see before writing the review;

2) Participants

Recipients - who will be under review;
Reviewers - who will review recipients;

💡 Pro tip 1: select the checkbox "Include self-evaluation", and all recipients will be asked to write the review for themselves.

💡 Pro tip 2: you can pick individual user or the whole team as reviewers. You can also press "3 dots" and use quick actions to build the table quickly:

Selecting all people;
Adding managers as reviewers to all recipients (or individual one);
Adding direct reports as reviews to all recipients (or individual one);

3) Questions

Define what questions would you like to ask the reviewers.
Question types:
  Open-ended questions.
  Scale questions. Ask for comments (optionally).

Make the question optional or required.
Chose a respondent - who will view and answer each question. Select among:

All participants
All except self-evaluation
Self-evaluation only
Direct manager only
Direct reports only

4) Timeline

Start date - when the review will start and all reviewers will be notified to write the reviews.
Deadline for reviewers. The reviewers will receive automatic reminders 48, 24, and 4 hours before this deadline. But they will be able to submit the review even after the deadline (until the HR "Shares" the results for all).
End date. When the review will move to "Finished". It affects only the status of the review.

5) Visibility

Select who would be able to view the review results.

The review recipient.
The review recipient's manager(s). All managers up the hierarchy will see the review results of their Reports in the tab "Reviews → Direct reports" or on the profile of the user.
HR admins + specific HR managers (view and calibrate). If selected, HR admins and selected HR managers will be able to view the responses and calibrate them.

View modes "_Anonymous_" and "_Non-anonymous_" available for all options.

See Roles and Permissions

Schedule the cycle

Set it to start automatically on the Start date

⏰ The review cycle will start automatically on the "Start date" that you specified. Or, alternatively, you can click 3 dots next to the review name and press "Start now" to start the review cycle immediately.

📝 You can edit the cycle details (all of the above) until it starts. It's not possible to edit the cycle that is already in progress.

🙌 Pro tip: you can Copy cycle, to quickly duplicate the review and all its configurations. It's useful for the reviews that are repeating or if you want to change only a few params.

🎥 Here's a quick video on how to do it:

Updated on: 26/06/2024

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