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How to align (cascade) OKRs in IMPACT

Cascading OKRs is a way to align (cascade) your Objective with other Objectives (in any cycle). 

To align the Objective, go to “Objective Details” (hover over Objective title and click “Open”).

Select tab “Details”, and search the parent Objective that you want to align with. 

If you align your Objectives, they will cascade on the team/user profile screen.

☝️ Note: you can align Objectives from any Objective cycle

Contributing the child progress to the parent Objectives

By default, child Objectives do not contribute to the progress of the parent.

You can define which child Objectives should contribute to the parent progress in the Objective details screen by toggling the button Contribute to parent (1).

Contributing Objectives would appear in the section Contributing child Objectives (2).

You can select the weight coefficient for the child Objectives (3). Parent Objective progress is calculated as the weighted average of all the Key Results and contributing child Objectives.

Child Objectives that contribute to the parent Objective will be marked with a lightning icon on them.

You can build Objectives that consist entirely of the contributing child Objectives (can be useful for high-level company OKRs).

You can align as many levels of Objectives as you need. Contributing to parents would work through all the levels.

☝️ Note: when you update the Objective with the "lightning" (meaning its a contributing Objective), the parent progress would also get updated (all the way up). Keep it in mind.

Updated on: 21/02/2024

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