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How to add Tasks/Initiatives to OKRs in IMPACT

Bring your Objectives to results with Tasks. Use them to plan activities and actions that need to be done towards your Objectives. We create Tasks to help you achieve OKRs. It’s best to keep metrics in Key Results, and other activities that you’ll do to achieve them in Tasks. 

📽️ Check out our video tutorial on adding tasks/initiatives to OKRs

📝 Here is a step-by-step guide on how to add tasks/initiatives to OKRs

1. Navigate to

2. In the left-side panel, click "Objectives"

3. You can navigate the page by clicking "All Objectives", "My Objectives", or "My Key Results"

4. Look for the objective you want to work on and click on it

5. To open the objective, Click "OPEN"

6. Another way to open the objective is by clicking the three dots on the right side

7. Click "Objective details"

8. To add a new task, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click "Add new task". Name it as you wish

9. To assign a person to the task, click the person icon on the right side

10. Choose the person you want to assign the task to from the drop-down menu

11. Once the task is done, you can cross it out by clicking the checkbox beside the task

12. To close the objective, click on the "X" symbol at the upper right corner of the window

To see it in action, please visit Peoplelogic Learn.

Updated on: 30/05/2024

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