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🤔 How is IMPACT different from other Performance Management tools?

Yeah, really, how IMPACT is different from Lattice, 15Five, 7geese, Impraise, Weekdone, Perdoo, Gtmhub, etc.?

1️⃣ First of all, IMPACT is a full Performance Management platform (not only OKRs), so that your team doesn't need to use many different ones. (compared to Perdoo/Weekdone/Gtmhub).

2️⃣ Compared with other Performance Management tools:

🤓 IMPACT is simpler and easier to use (check what our users say
💰 Cost-effective: cheaper than most of the competitors (IMPACT pricing)
🗓 Offers a monthly package and pay as you go (not only yearly).
🤩 Free for up to 10 users to get started.

Our approach makes IMPACT ideal for small and medium-sized businesses (up to 500 employees) 💪.

Updated on: 21/02/2024

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