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Zoho CRM Setup


The Zoho CRM integration allows you to use your Zoho CRM OAuth Connection to aggregate events from your Zoho CRM account.  See What Events Does Process from Zoho CRM for more information on the events that aggregates.


You must have admin access to your account.  If you don't, point your administrator to this page to have them set up the integration.

The Zoho integration will match users in Zoho to your employees by email.  Be sure that your employees have the same email in both systems, otherwise you'll need to add a mapping on the employee profile in  See Mapping External Usernames to Employees for more information.


Now, it's time to set up 

First, click the + icon near the top right of the interface and then click Add Integration.

Next, scroll down till you find the Zoho CRM panel and click on the Connect to ZohoCRM button:

Next, you'll be taken to Zoho to authorize the connection between Peoplelogic and Zoho CRM:

Click the green Accept to complete the process and it should take you back to the screen showing your integration listed among the active integrations.

Testing will start to aggregate the events during its next scheduled aggregation run and you should see events showing in the main dashboard timeline.  If you don't see any events and you know there has been activity in your accessible Zoho CRM accounts, please contact Support.

Updated on: 17/11/2023

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