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Google Sheet Setup

Because Peoplelogic can't build native connections to EVERY tool you use, we helped bridge the gap with our Google Sheet Integration. We've made an easy way for you to upload events from tools that we don't support yet - for example, do you have a demo scheduling program for your SDR team?  Export the information from that tool into a simple Google Sheet and import it into Peoplelogic to connect your CRM data to your demo data.  You can even use them as Key Metrics or in your Lexi dashboards.


To upload your events, you need to put them into a Google Sheet that matches a format similar to the format below (make sure time reflects UTC timezone):

“Id”, "Object","Event Type","Event Created Date","Event Due Date","User","Participants"1,Company 1,Demo Missed,2019-03-19 15:30:00,2019-04-13 15:30:00,,,2,Company 2,Demo Attended,2019-03-28 15:30:00,2019-04-04 15:30:00,,,

The Id field should be incrementing and is used to identify these new rows are added to the sheet.  The Event Type can be anything that is relevant to you - but should be something that you can remember!  Our recommendation is that this sheet is best produced by an automated process, not by hand.

Getting Started

To get started, you first need to add a new integration.  Click the + icon in the upper right.

Then, scroll down to find the Google Sheets and click Connect Your Google Sheet.

You'll be taken to Google to verify Peoplelogic's access to your Google Sheets.  You should click the Blue Allow button show below.

Once you allow access, you'll be returned to Peoplelogic where you can paste in the URL of the Google Sheet that you want to process events from into the field below:

Just click Complete Setup and you'll be returned to the list of active integrations with your Google Sheet added.  The events should start processing immediately.

Wrapping Up

Your events should now be imported and if they're of a type that displays in the global timeline or in each individual user's timeline, you'll see them show up there.  Additionally, if the file contained users who are not already entered into Peoplelogic, you'll now see your new integration as a source of unknown users and be able to map those users.

You can also use these imported events in your Key Metrics or in Lexi queries.  To use them in your Key Metrics, just select the Custom event type for a Key Metric and enter the event name you used in your sheet.  To use them in Lexi, just enclose the event type in quotes, like this:

Show me daily “demo set” and “demo scheduled” by employee

We're here to help - please reach out to if you need help formatting your event data or would like to understand more about why your events are not uploading!

Updated on: 17/11/2023

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