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Figma Setup


The Figma integration allows you to use personal access tokens from your Figma account events from the teams that the access token has permission to access.  See What Events Does Process from Figma for more information on the events that aggregates.


You must have admin access to your account.  If you don't, point your administrator to this page to have them set up the integration.

Peoplelogic will attempt to map the users in Figma to Peoplelogic accounts via display name.  If this doesn't work or there are duplicates, you may want to map the users within Peoplelogic. See Mapping External Usernames to Employees for more information.

To access multiple teams with the Peoplelogic - Figma integration, you'll need to copy the team ids from the URL for each team you access.  This is required because Figma does not yet provide an API to get the teams that a user has access to.  See the screenshot for an example - just copy the part after team/ and before the name of your team.

You must generate a personal access token for the account that you want to use and that token must have access to the teams that you would like to aggregate events from.  To generate a personal access token for Figma, login to your Figma account and go to Settings:

Click Create a new personal access token and copy it somewhere handy for later.


Once you have your Figma personal access token, it's time to set up  First, click the + icon near the top right of the interface and then click Add Integration.

Next, scroll down or search for Figma and click the Connect to Figma button.

Next, you'll be shown a form to enter the details about your integration.  Follow the steps below to complete the setup.

Enter a meaningful and unique name
Enter your personal access token into the API secret field.
Expand the Advanced section and fill in a comma separated list of team ids from the prerequisites.

When done, you should have something that looks like the following:

Click the green Save to complete the process and it should take you back to the screen showing your integration listed among the active integrations.

Testing will start to aggregate the events immediately you should see events showing in the main dashboard timeline.  If you don't see any events and you know there has been activity in your accessible Figma teams, please contact Support.

Updated on: 17/11/2023

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