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What is StayFactor?’s StayFactor is a measure of your team’s employee and manager experience.  

Why is it Important?

Every employee at your company has their own experience with their team, their managers, their work, and the company’s culture.  Their own personality traits along with their daily experience with their manager are critical factors as to whether that employee is likely to succeed and remain at the company over the long run.  StayFactor lets you see how the employee’s experience ebbs and flows each day and what actions have a positive or negative impact on that experience. 

How is it Different from Employee Engagement Scores?

Traditional employee engagement scores are focused on capturing feedback and measuring responses to an ever increasing number of surveys within the organization. focuses on improving the manager experience within an organization.  By connecting to the employee’s existing digital footprint within the organization, monitors and improves the employee experience in a way that’s completely frictionless to the employee.  

How is it Calculated?’s StayFactor is an algorithm that combines each employee’s activity across a company’s systems, their tenure, their personality profile and their manager’s interactions with them through their recommendations.  Each StayFactor is unique to the employee, manager and organization and gets smarter as sees more activity from the employee.

Updated on: 17/11/2023

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