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What Events Does Peoplelogic Aggregate From Freshservice?

Peoplelogic uses the v2 REST API from Freshservice to aggregate the following events.  For reference, the task events match similar events in project management tools such as Asana and the case events match the events from other support systems like Zendesk.  Future iterations of Lexi will allow you to use "tickets" in place of "cases":

Task Added ✅
Task Completed ✅
Task Updated
Case Created ✅
Case Unassigned
Case Assigned ✅
Case Resolved ✅
Case Closed ✅
Case Updated

✅  _Good KPI choices for this integration


Additionally, Peoplelogic aggregates the following metadata for Freshservice events.  This data may be used in advanced models and may not be queried directly:

Requester ID
Department ID
Planned Start Date
Planned End Date
Work Start Date
Work End Date
First Assigned At
First Responded At
Assigned At
Agent Responded At

Updated on: 17/11/2023

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