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What Events Does Process from GitLab? uses the latest GitLab REST API to aggregate events from the Projects that the configured personal access token has access to.  Out of the box we aggregate the following events:

Push to Origin ✅
Account Created
Comments (issue comment)
Issue Created ✅
Issue Closed ✅
Issue Updated
Issue Reopened ✅
Milestone Created
Milestone Closed
Merge Request Opened ✅
Merge Request Closed ✅
Merge Request Approved
Merge Request Comment
Branch Created
Branch Deleted
Repository Created
Tag Created
Pipeline Execution Failed ✅
Pipeline Executed
Pipeline Execution Passed ✅

✅  Good KPI choices for this integration


Additionally, Peoplelogic aggregates the following metadata for GitLab events.  This data may be used in advanced models and may not be queried directly:

Due Date
Start Date
Commit SHA
Created At
Updated At
Commit Stats

Updated on: 17/11/2023

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