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What Events Does Process From GitHub? uses the latest GitHub REST API to aggregate events from the Projects that the configured personal access token has access to.  Out of the box we aggregate the following events:

Push To Origin ✅
Pull Request Comment
Comment (issue comment)
Issued Created ✅
Issue Updated
Issue Reopened ✅
Issue Closed ✅
Pull Request Opened ✅
Pull Request Closed
Pull Request Review
Branch Created
Wiki Article Created (article written in Lexi)
Repository Created
Repository Forked
Tag Created ✅  (useful for tracking releases)
Collaborator Added To Repository

✅  Good KPI choices for this integration

Advanced Insights

Lexi can also use the GitHub Issues data to produce advanced insights, not simply event data.  Those advanced values to query are:

time to close ✅  


Additionally, Peoplelogic aggregates the following metadata for GitHub events.  This data may be used in advanced models and may not be queried directly:

Commit SHA
Commit Head
Commit Ref
Milestone Name
Milestone Start Date
Milestone Due On
Pull Request Created At

Updated on: 17/11/2023

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