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What Events Does Process from Close CRM? uses the latest Close CRM REST API to aggregate events from the Close CRM accounts that the API key has access to.  Out of the box we aggregate the following events:

Account Created (a Close CRM Lead if marked as a Customer) ✅
Account Updated
Lead Created ✅
Lead Updated
Lead Status Changed
Lead Converted To Customer ✅
Contact Created ✅
Contact Updated
Opportunity Contract Sent
Opportunity Stage Changed
Opportunity Won ✅
Opportunity Lost ✅
Opportunity Created
Task Created
Task Completed
Engagement Created (note, call, email, sms, etc)

✅  Good KPI choices for this integration

Advanced Insights

Lexi can also use the Close CRM data to produce advanced insights, not simply event data.  Those advanced values to query are:

time to closed won ✅  
time to closed lost ✅
opportunity (count of total opportunities)
lead time to opportunity ✅
opportunity amount
opportunity amount won
opportunity amount lost

For more sample queries, including these advanced sales queries, check out the Lexi Query Library.


Additionally, Peoplelogic aggregates the following metadata for Close CRM events.  This data may be used in advanced models and may not be queried directly:

Account ID
Contact ID
Previous Stage
Lead Status
Old Lead Status

Updated on: 17/11/2023

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