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What Events Does Process from Atlassian Confluence? uses the latest Confluence REST API to aggregate events from the Spaces that the configured personal access token has access to.  Out of the box we aggregate the following events:

Confluence Space Created ✅  (this KPI could mean data is dispersed)
Confluence Space Updated
Confluence Blogpost Written (also confluence article written in Lexi)
Confluence Blogpost Updated (also confluence article updated in Lexi)
Confluence Attachment Added
Confluence Page Created ✅
Confluence Page Updated ✅

Additionally, if a page is tagged 'okrs' - the default when using a Confluence OKR Template, the following are tracked:

OKR Suggested
OKR Updated ✅

✅  _Good KPI choices for this integration


Additionally, Peoplelogic aggregates the following metadata for Confluence events.  This data may be used in advanced models and may not be queried directly:

labels (also called tags in Lexi)

Updated on: 17/11/2023

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