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What Events Does Peoplelogic Aggregate From Slack?

The Slack aggregator is slightly different than our other aggregators in that it does require some setup on the Slack side of the integration.  

What Peoplelogic Aggregates

Peoplelogic analysis individual messages within public and private slack channels that the Peoplelogic Slack Application has been invited into.  It then analyzes these messages to see whether this was a single message sent or whether you were participating in a broader conversation (and collects some statistics about that conversation such as length in minutes).

Under no circumstances are messages from any direct messages ever aggregated.  All content aggregated is deleted after ~7 days.

How does Peoplelogic Aggregate These Conversations

When you invite a Slack application into your workspace and then invite it into specific channels, most are able to receive notifications of the messages that are sent back and forth in that channel.  Peoplelogic simply receives this and stores them for a brief period for aggregation and analysis.

What else can the Slack application do?

Peoplelogic's Slack application is unique in that it also lets you talk to your Peoplelogic insights without ever leaving Slack. 

Additionally, you can receive your daily and weekly notifications in Slack instead of filling your email inbox!

Updated on: 17/11/2023

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