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Peoplelogic Quickstart Guide

Thank you for being a valued Peoplelogic customer.  This guide is designed to be incorporated into your internal documentation on leveraging Peoplelogic within your organization's workflows.

Types of Users

Administrator - Can access all Teams, Employees, Dashboards; can edit and update billing.

Manager - Access to their designated Team(s) and associated Employees.

Employee (with Peoplelogic access) - Access to only their individual Employee page, showing only their event data and recommendations.

Employee (without access) - No access to nor communication from Peoplelogic.

User and Team Creation

Upon signup, the initial user is designated as an Administrator on the Peoplelogic account, meaning they have access and visibility across all Teams and Employees.


Name, Email, Role, Primary Team, and Manager are the only required fields to create Teams, designate Managers, and map users to integrated tools, with the exception of unique User IDs which may be required for some integrations. 

User Removal

Administrators are able to Deactivate employees and managers via the designated button on the individual’s profile.

Dashboard Creation/Update

By either using the Lexi module on the main Dashboard or by starting in Insights, Managers can query the event data coming from the connected tools to understand it better at a team and individual level. 

Peoplelogic’s Lexi documentation provides the framework for how the queries can be phrased. These queries can be saved to a new/existing dashboard using the icon to the right of the user query within Lexi. 

Saved visualizations can be edited via the ellipsis icon in the top right of the visual. 

Updated on: 17/11/2023

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