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How to Update Key Metrics (KPIs) by Teams and Employees

Key Metrics, also known as the platform's KPI component, measure employee and team performance to help indicate engagement, efficiency, and output levels.

Peoplelogic provides an easy-to-read summary of the most important events occurring amongst your teams with week-over-week deltas to show when KPIs are trending up or down.

This can be seen next to Stayfactor scores and the ONA Graph to give deeper context into your teams' or employees' behavior.

**How to Update Key Metrics (KPIs)**

To add or remove Key Metrics for any team (and that team’s employees):

Log in to
Navigate to the Teams tab and select the team profile you’d like to update Key Metrics for.

Click Edit to update and/or change Key Metrics.

It's also easy to search for Key Metrics by typing keywords into the metrics search bar.

You can also click inside the custom metrics component to surface a total KPI taxonomy list.

_*It's very important to click “Save” to update your team’s new Key Metrics.**_

If you would like to remove any Key Metrics, click the 'X' next to the KPI you no longer want to associate with the team, then click “Save” to generate your new KPI view.

You should see a platform prompt reading ‘Successfully Saved’.
_*If you receive any prompts reading ‘An Error Occurred’, please get in touch with your PL Customer Success Manager.**_

**Sample Key Metrics (KPIs) by Teams**

People Analytics/HR Operations KPIs - primarily focus on Talent Acquisition Interviews, Internal/External Meetings, Candidate Prospects, Offers, Tasks, and Internal Communications (HRIS Tools, GSuite, Zendesk etc.).

HRIS KPI event data

GSuite KPI event data
Zendesk KPI event data

Engineering KPIs - primarily focus on Commits, Pull Requests, Issues, Branches, Pipelines, Internal Meetings, and Milestones (GitLab, GitHub, Jira, etc.).

GitLab KPI event data
GitHub KPI event data
Atlassian Jira KPI event data

Sales KPIs - primarily focus on Contacts, Accounts, Prospect Leads, Deals, Tasks, External Emails, Internal/External Meetings, Call Events, and overall Communications (CRMs, Microsoft O365, Zoom, etc.)
HubSpot CRM KPI event data
Microsoft O365 KPI event data
Zoom KPI event data

Customer Success KPIs - primarily focus on these event types External/Internal Meetings, Tasks, Documents, Folders, Internal/External Meetings, and overall Communications (Confluence, Asana, Slack, etc.)
Atlassian Confluence KPI event data
Asana KPI event data
Slack KPI event data

**Closing Thoughts**

As a quick side note, each Key Metric is generated from an integration tool you've connected to the platform.
This essentially means once you've imported your Employee Roster and synced Integration Tools, the platform will automatically set each team's KPIs as 'Meetings Scheduled' and 'Emails Sent'.
Also, each organization’s Top Recommendations are calculated by taking into consideration the level of importance, frequency, volume, and reoccurrence of each team’s Key Metrics, before prompting you to take actionable steps with those specific teams and employees in real time.

Additionally, you can visit our support site at Support to view an active list of all the Event Data we capture, measure, and display in our platform. And that's it! See you next time

Updated on: 17/11/2023

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