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How to Keep Peoplelogic In Sync with Microsoft O365

To start the O365 HR sync, **please contact your Peoplelogic Customer Success Manager** to choose a full organizational sync or partial sync.


If you want to sync your entire organization to the Peoplelogic platform, please connect the O365 integration to PL. Each time you add or remove an employee email address from the O365 admin console, that same change will be reflected in the PL platform.


Adding a new employee to O365
Removing an employee from O365

If you only want to sync specific teams or departments in your organization, please create groups within the O365 Admin that reflect those same teams or departments. The Peoplelogic platform will only sync from the groups you specify for us.


Create a Microsoft 365 Group

**Activating and Deactivating Employees via O365:**

Our new O365 Employee Email Lifecycle Experience will now allow you to easily manage your roster in the platform whenever a new employee enters or exits the org. For instance, when a new work email is created in O365, the new user/employee will be automatically created in the platform. In reverse, when an employee exits the org (and the employee's work email becomes deactivated in O365), Peoplelogic will automatically deactivate the inactive user.

Activation Example:
For example, let's say tomorrow your company hires someone named Frank. And you add in O365. From there, Frank will also show up as an employee in Peoplelogic, with no notifications necessary.

Deactivation Example:
When Frank exits the company (and the email is removed in O365), Frank will automatically become deactivated in the Peoplelogic platform.

View **Peoplelogic's Winter '22 Release Notes**-252063) to learn more and contact your Peoplelogic CSM with any questions, comments, or concerns!

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Updated on: 17/11/2023

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