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How to Integrate Peoplelogic's Lexi bot into Public Slack Channels

What is Lexi AI?

At the heart of sits Lexi AI, our proprietary algorithm that helps your team engage, connect, and perform better. Lexi uses natural language querying so you can communicate with the AI more intuitively, whether you're in our Peoplelogic application, or your favorite team communication tool like Slack. Discover how to connect Lexi to public Slack channels below!

Main Slack Integration Prerequisites

Ensure your org has connected the main Slack integration with Peoplelogic before adding Lexi to public Slack channels.

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Inviting Lexi to Public Slack Channels

Once you've connected your org's Slack integration with Peoplelogic, you can begin inviting Lexi to any public Slack channels you'd like to measure for communication, collaboration, & engagement.

To invite Lexi to public Slack channels:

Open your Slack app.

Navigate to and select 'Add Apps' (located in the bottom left of your Slack app).

Type in ‘Lexi by Peoplelogic’ to add Lexi to your Slack app (this way you can receive summary digests directly in Slack).
Once Lexi is connected to your org's Slack, open each public Slack channel and type the command /invite @Lexi into the channel to add Lexi AI (you will need to do this for each channel you'd like to measure).

Some customers also prefer to limit or hide channel noise when connecting new tools, particularly when there is a lot of channel communication. To easily manage join/leave channel messages, please refer to these helpful resources:
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You can also rename your Lexi bot to something that matches your organization's culture more! To do this, please refer to:
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Lastly, you can completely disable notifications directly in your Slack app by clicking 'Disable Notifications'.

And that's it!

If you need further help, please reach out to your Peoplelogic Customer Success Manager via email, video call, or shared Slack channel.

See you next time.

Updated on: 17/11/2023

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