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How to Bulk Import Your Employee Roster


Uploading your first Employee Roster (and ensuring your roster stays up-to-date) has never been easier. With Peoplelogic, you can import your employees to be automatically mapped to their correct teams and platform integrations in two minutes (or less). Before you get started, here are a few things to ensure your roster import goes swimmingly.

**Create your Peoplelogic Employee Roster**

Label each spreadsheet column in the exact order below and ensure each row reflects the following information per employee:

Full Name (place full name in a singular column per employee)

Email Address (must be a work email)

Job Title

Join Date (must be in a month/date/year format - 00/00/0000)

PL Access Level (choose between three different access levels: PL Admin, Team Manager, or Employee)

Primary Team

Location (formatted in a singular column as City, State, Country)

Direct Report Manager (must be in Manager Email format)

As a best practice, you can label the roster’s first spreadsheet row “Peoplelogic Point in Time Report”_(although this is not mandatory since the roster uploader naturally skips any title line)_.

_*It's also important to upload your roster to the platform as a .CSV file**_

To learn more, review How to Open and Export a Comma Separated Value File (Gsuite & O365 examples)

**Effortlessly Import your Teams & Employees**

Once you've created and downloaded your employee roster, log in to

Navigate to ‘Import Teams & Employees’ (under the settings gear icon)

Select ‘Begin Import’ to bulk add your Employee Roster

Select ‘Yes’ once you’ve made sure the roster spreadsheet contains a column header (Name, Email, etc.)

‘Confirm Mappings’ in the platform and click ‘Review’.

Providing there are no roster rows showing problems/errors or modifications), the platform will correctly show ‘No data to display’ (meaning no red error boxes).

If there are rows with problems (indicated by the red row boxes), you can easily start the roster import over by clicking ‘Go Back’.

Select ‘Continue’ to complete your roster import.

Once you've completed your bulk roster import, the platform will automatically map employees to teams and integration tools to allow data to begin aggregating.

**Update your Existing Employee Roster**

Even after you upload your initial employee roster, you can continuously use the platform's Bulk Uploader to quickly import new employees and automatically sync them to their integration tools/teams. 

_*For example:**_ say your org hires 25-50+ new people in a single onboarding. Instead of having to manually enter each new employee (then map each employee to each integration tool), you can either create a roster using only the new employees' information. Or you can just add the new employees to your main org roster (to which Peoplelogic will naturally sync only those new employees while ignoring existing users who already exist within the platform).

Lastly, please contact your Peoplelogic Customer Success Manager if you receive any platform errors, or if you have any questions, comments, or concerns. Thanks for reading!

Updated on: 17/11/2023

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