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8x8 Cloud Phone Setup


The Peoplelogic 8x8 Cloud Phone integration allows you to use one of your 8x8 PBX users to aggregate information about your call activity from your 8x8 instance.  See What Events Does Process from 8x8 for more information on the events that Peoplelogic aggregates.


You must have admin access to your account.  If you don't, point your administrator to this page to have them set up the integration.

You must have the user credentials for an 8x8 extension that has Analytics for 8x8 Work access.

You must have an API Key from 8x8 that grants you access to the Analytics for 8x8 Work API.  To request a new API Key, follow these instructions:

The customer (or 8x8 representative) can send an email to with the following information:

PBX Name

8x8 Username (the username that accesses the API must be granted permission to Analytics in Admin Console)

Contact Name

Contact Email


Once you have the user you want to use in 8x8, it's time to set up Peoplelogic.  First, click the gear icon and then click Add Integration.

Next, navigate to the Productivity section of the Integrations and select 8x8.

Next, you'll be shown a form to enter the details about your integration.  Follow the steps below to complete the setup.

Enter a meaningful and unique name
Enter the 8x8 API Key as the API Key in the form.
Enter the user's password from above as the API Secret.
Expand the "Advanced" section and enter the 8x8 user's email as the API filter

When done, you should have something that looks like the following:

Click the green Save to complete the process and it should take you back to the screen showing your integration listed among the active integrations.


Peoplelogic will start to aggregate the events immediately and you should see events populating Insights and other graphs.  If you don't see any events and you know there has been activity in your accessible 8x8 account, please contact Peoplelogic Support.

Updated on: 17/11/2023

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