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IMPACT Product Update: Sep 15, 2020: ✍️ reviews v3, ✅ action items, 📱 updated mobile app

Hey, there 👋.

Exciting new updates from the IMPACT team. Check out below.

✍️ Reviews v3

We made reviews even more powerful. In the new version, you can now:

Edit review cycle details (participants, dates, question text, etc.) even after the review started.

More question types: multiple-choice, checkboxes, private questions.

Better review workflow management: unshare results, return responses back to draft.

Export responses in .CSV.

Allow reviewers to view self-evaluation when writing responses for others.

Start creating effortless, user-friendly, and impactful reviews

✅ Action items for 1:1s

Track the next steps with action items and make sure you follow up on them. Monitor your action items on a separate tab and deliver on your commitments.

Managing the next steps has never been easier.

📱 Create and edit OKRs from your mobile device

Before, you could view your Objectives on the mobile app. Now you can create and edit them as well — full OKR management on the go.

As usual, available for Android and iOS

👉 Coming soon

New OKR permissions: public and protected visibility and editing for OKRs.
Personal Development Plans (PDPs): set and track the achievements of the team PDPs in Plai.
More advanced reviews analytics.
Microsoft Teams and Outlook integrations.
Engagement surveys.

Stay tuned for more updates.

Updated on: 21/02/2024

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