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IMPACT Product Update: Dec 2020: 🗓 Microsoft Outlook and Teams integration, 📊 PDPs, 📈 1:1 Dashboard

Hey, there 👋.

We at IMPACT are excited to announce some big product updates. We hope you like it!

🗓 Microsoft Outlook and Teams integration

You asked, and we delivered! Now you can connect your Microsoft Outlook calendar to sync your regular 1:1 meetings. Managing your 1:1 meetings has never been easier.

Also, you can connect your Microsoft Teams channels to receive notifications about team OKR updates.

Learn more about how to connect MS Teams here in the Help Center.

📊 PDPs — Personal Development Plans

With PDPs (Personal Development Plans) in IMPACT, it's now easy for HRs and managers to identify areas for improvement, set personal development goals, outline a strategy for achieving them, and measure progress.

Powerful analytics and dashboard for HRs to monitor the progress of Personal Development Plans in your team. Enough of these sheets that are hard to find and are always outdated.

Investing in your team is investing in your business.

📈 1:1 Dashboard

We added a dashboard so that managers and admins have up-to-date knowledge on the activity of 1:1s in your team.

The key to successful one-on-one meetings is to make them regular. With the 1:1 Dashboard, you have a perfect place to monitor it and encourage your managers to schedule meetings when needed.

🏔 Org chart and OKR tree

It's always easier to manage big chunks of data in the visual form. That's why we added an organization chart view to monitor and manage the hierarchy of your team.

As well as an OKR alignment tree to monitor how all your goals cascade and align with one another. Having a high-level picture of the status of your objectives has never been faster.

👉 Coming soon

Engagement surveys.
Extended reviews analytics.
Weekly check-ins for teams and managers.

Stay tuned for more updates.

Updated on: 21/02/2024

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