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IMPACT Product Update: Jul 13, 2020: 👥 1:1 meetings, 📱 mobile app for OKRs, ✍️ better reviews workflow

Hey, there 👋.

We at IMPACT are excited to announce some big product updates were working in the last 2 months. We hope you like them!

👥 One-on-one meetings

Collaborate on a shared agenda, track notes, follow-up on action items, and always be prepared with 100+ questions and templates for your 1-on-1s.

Effortless set up with the calendar integration. Check out more about 1:1s in IMPACT here

📱 Mobile app for OKRs

Manage your OKRs on the go wherever work takes you and see employee's goals to have the context for productive conversations.

Available for Android and iOS

⏫ OKR alignment

You can now define which child Objectives should contribute to the parent progress in the Objective details screen by toggling the "Contribute to parent" button. Build better OKR alignment with this feature.

Read more about aligning OKRs here

✍️ Better reviews workflow

In the new reviews, you can select who should view and answer each question separately. It allows you to build much more powerful review workflows.

Better review cycle analytics (by the Reviewer) helps you have a clear understanding of the review progress.

More details on how to create review cycles in our Help Center

👉 Coming soon

Reviews v3: more question types (single-choice, checkboxes), edit participants, and review details after the review cycle started, unsharing the results for admins, export review responses in .CSV;
More features to the mobile app: create/edit OKRs;
New pricing plans to support smaller teams;

Stay tuned for more updates.

Updated on: 21/02/2024

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