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IMPACT Product Update: Apr 23, 2020: πŸ“Š OKR Dashboard, βœ… Tasks, πŸ“ Notes, πŸ”— Invite by link

Hey, there πŸ‘‹.

Here are the features we rolled out recently.

πŸ“Š OKR Dashboard

We take the snapshot every Sunday at 00:00 of all the team progress in all active Objective cycles. Additionally, we take the snapshot on the last day of the month. And present it to you in the historical chart.

Stay up to date about the team progress, understand the trend over time, and take proactive actions when necessary.Β 

Check out this Help Center guide

βœ… Tasks (Initiatives)

Bring your Objectives to results with Tasks. Use them to plan activities and actions that need to be done towards your Objectives.Β 

Check out this Help Center guide

πŸ“ Notes

You may optionally write a description (notes) to remind yourself and your teammates about some details of the OKR.

Open the β€œNotes” tab and write your thoughts. A powerful note editor at your disposal. Check out the Help Center guide here

Create an invite link to share with your teammates. Every user that follows the link will automatically join your workspace.

To create the link, go to People β†’ Invite people β†’ Create link. Check out this guide

πŸ‘‰ Coming soon

Improved Reviews analytics, improved Reviews sharing options;
Ask questions by role during the review (ex: manager only, or direct reports only);
1:1 meetings feature;

Stay tuned for more updates.

Updated on: 21/02/2024

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