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IMPACT Product update: Feb 2023: Scales, questions, and feedback advancements โ„๏ธ


We focused this update on "Reviews" improvement. We made many enhancements to the "Questions" editor, allowing HR admins and managers to create even more customizable forms and decreasing the time for passing surveys for participants. We also improved the reports' summary to help managers spend less time analyzing reviews and making them more actionable for HRs and review participants.

And lastly, we added a small improvement to the "Feedback" feature. ๐Ÿ”ฎ
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A new interface for the review questions editor

We made many enhancements to the questions editor with the last update. That's why we simplified its' display as well. Now you can see the "minimized" version of the questions in the questions builder and expand them by clicking the "Edit question" button.

Questions builder update

Headings and dividers for sections

We added headers to help you organize your review by thematic sections, making it easier to navigate through the questionnaire when writing reviews or analyzing reports.

A review with heading for section

Descriptions for questions and scores

Now, you can add some useful information about the question (like an evaluation scale or tips for writing down a response) right into the description. We also added the descriptions to "Scores," so you can add descriptions of your competencies to the "Scores" tab.

Descriptions for questions and scores

Scale enhancement in "linear-scale" questions

- More options for displaying scales. Now, you can choose between numeric or text versions of showing scales during reviews.
- "Cannot answer" option.ย Now, you can add this option to "linear-scale" questions, which will be calculated as "0" points. Itโ€™s like having the question optional, but youโ€™ll see statistics on who selected the "Cannot answer" option in the report. Please note these responses will not be included in the questions' average calculation in Radar Chart and Analytics.

Scale enhancements

Notes in the review reports

We added a section in the review reports summary where HR Managers and Admins can add notes. ๐ŸŽ‰
- The "Public notes"ย section might be helpful for HRs to write a quick summary of review results and share them with managers and review participants.
- The "Private notes"ย section will be visible only to "HR Managers" and "HR Admins," and they can use it to note some points for discussion during the review meeting, for example.

Adding notes to the review report

Making โ€œFeedbackโ€ responses visible for HR Admins and Managers

Have you tried a "Feedback" feature in IMPACT? If not yet, maybe it's time to give it a chance. ๐Ÿ™‚ Before, the feedback was only peer-to-peer, and responses were visible only to the "Givers" and "Receivers." After this update, HR Admins and Managers can view feedback responses in the employee profile.

Now you can experiment with launching a simplified review cycle using the "Feedback" feature. In this case, the participants can ask for feedback anytime, select reviewers themselves, and HR managers can access this feedback anytime in the employees' profiles.

We hope this update will help you create better review forms and run more impactful reviews to drive the growth of your people.

Updated on: 21/02/2024

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