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IMPACT Product update: Apr 2022: OKR cycles alignment & templates, onboarding guide, and more 💬

Hey folks, how are you?

We're here with bunch of updates to help you build more aligned and high-performing teams. Let's get to it!

OKR templates

Create Objectives even faster and easier with OKR templates! Find the objectives ideas by departments, browse 80+ templates of OKRs with metrics, and add them to your cycle with just one click. You can find the OKR templates by clicking the button "OKR templates" on the left side near "Create Objective."

Use OKR templates in IMPACT

OKR alignment between cycles

You asked - we developed. 🎉 Now, you can align Objectives from any Objective cycle and make them contribute to the progress of each other.

How can this be helpful?

Split larger annual goals into smaller ones that you will achieve in shorter cycles during the year. For example, you can link your annual strategic goals with quarter ones. If you make the objectives in shorter cycles contributing to parent objectives from the "Annual" cycle, the progress of the annual cycle will depend on the progress of the child's objectives. So, you can build Objectives that consist entirely of the contributing child Objectives.

How to enable goals alignment?

In the Objective's "Details," select the "Parent Objective" from some of the cycles.
After that, open this "Parent Objective" and turn on the contribution of child objectives in "Details."
Come back to the "Objectives" tab and select the objectives cycles with the aligned goals to see their connection to each other.

Learn more on how to align objectives from this guide.

Onboarding guide

Many teams struggle with adopting OKRs and new performance management approaches. We completely understand your hesitance — trying new things is hard! That's why we created an Onboarding Guide to help you apply effective OKR and performance management tactics and set it up in IMPACT.

👉🏻 Access the Onboarding Guide here 👈🏻
for optimal reading experience & using the interactions inside the guide, please download it from the drive.

Starting today, every new user you add to IMPACT will receive this guide over email and a series of training emails to help master IMPACT faster. But if you also want to receive our educational emails on OKRs and performance management in IMPACT, just let us know about it in the support chat. 😉

IMPACT Onboarding Guide

Small 1:1 updates

Create company-wide templates for 1:1 to make it easier for your employees and managers to have meaningful conversations with their peers.

Company-wide meeting templates

Add a name to your 1:1 meeting notes to make it easier to navigate between past meetings and find the needed notes.

Organize your meeting notes

This update would be impossible without you! You might receive a few (or 20:) test emails from IMPACT about upcoming one-on-ones last week. That was a bug, and we apologize for that. We fixed that bug, and the 1:1 feature became even more powerful (as well as the IMPACT development team)

FAQ: How's the IMPACT team? 🇺🇦

All IMPACT employees moved into less dangerous cities in Ukraine or abroad. We're on track and very motivated to move forward. Last 2 months, we donated 30% of our monthly revenue to the army. We thank everyone who stands with Ukraine, who has donated to our military and volunteer centers, and keeps supporting our business. We urge you to join us in supporting the Ukrainian army by donating to a trusted organization “Come Back Alive”.

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Thanks for another great month with IMPACT!

Updated on: 21/02/2024

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