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Update your own profile in MPACT

Update your own profile in IMPACT

 As a user, you can update your profile by going to MenuEdit profile.

 Update your name, avatar, job title, timezone, etc. 

 ☝️ Note: Only Admins and HRs can update your manager since the manager might have access to sensitive information from the Reviews.

To change your email, please write to us in the chat (bottom right) or on the email at

Update other users profile

If you have Admin, HR admin or HR manager access level, you can edit the profile info of other users.

Go to PeopleEdit user (in the 3-dots next to the user name). 

You can also deactivate the user (by pressing Deactivate next to the user name). Deactivated users won’t be able to log in anymore, but all their info will be saved.

To the delete user, deactivate the user first, and then press Delete next to the user name in the Inactive team members section. 

 ☝️ Note: Deleting the users cannot be undone. The information will be deleted forever. Be careful with this action.

Updated on: 21/02/2024

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