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Invite team members to IMPACT

There are several ways to invite your team to your IMPACT workspace. You need to have Admin, HR admin, or HR manager access level to be able to invite new people to your workspace.

Invite by email

Go to the People tab, and press the Invite people button.

Write the emails of your teammates, and hit Send invites. They’ll receive an invitation email and will be able to join. 

The user is created right after you press Send invites. So that you can add them to the team, assign Objectives to them, ask for feedback, add to the review cycles, etc.

☝️Note: If the user was deactivated, it becomes active again if you send the invite to the same email.

All users start from the Standard access level. Grant them new permissions by pressing Edit user next to each name. 

You can also find the Invite people button on the menu.

On the Invite new team members dialog, you can press Create link

Share this link with your team members. Anyone would be able to join your workspace by that link. They’ll also start with the Standard access level. 

There’s only one invite link per workspace. When all team members joined by the link, feel free to Disable the link. After the link is disabled, no one can join the workspace anymore by that link. 

Every time you press Create link, a new link is generated (the old links, if any, will never be reactivated, no worries here). 

☝️ Note: be careful not to share the link publicly, because anyone would be able to join with it. When you feel like the link might have been compromised, disable it and create a new one.

Updated on: 20/02/2024

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