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Create a team / subteam in IMPACT

Create a team structure in IMPACT that reflects your organizational hierarchy.

To create a team in IMPACT, you need to have an Admin, HR admin or HR manager access level. Users with Standard access level cannot create/edit teams.

Go to All teams and hit the Create team button.

Select the team icon, name, team purpose, members, and parent team. 

If you connect Slack in the IMPACT Workspace settings, you'll be able to select the channel where to post updates about the Objectives of this team. 

Any team member can see all the teams, but only Admins, HR admins, and HR managers will be able to edit the team members (because it impacts OKR visibility and sharing — all team members can edit OKRs assigned to this team).

Your teams (teams you're a member of) will be displayed in the menu on the left so that you can quickly find them.

Archive/Delete team

You can archive any team (by pressing Archive team in the 3-dots next to the team name).

Archived teams disappear from search; no new Objectives can be assigned to them. Other team members don't see the Objectives of these teams any more by default (only by opening them from the "Archived teams" list).

You can delete archived teams by going to All teamsArchived teamsDelete team (next to the team name).

☝️ Note: Deleting the team cannot be undone; it's a permanent action. Be careful with it. All team data will be deleted forever.

Updated on: 21/02/2024

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