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Product updates: July 2022 - SSO, SCIM and Localization 🌏

Curious to know what we have released in July? Here’s our monthly digest of Plai updates!

⚡️ Single sign-on (SSO, SAML) & User provisioning (SCIM)

What does it mean? Plai becomes enterprise-friendly!

What is SSO
Single sign-on (SSO) is an authentication service that allows employees in your organization to log into Plai using one set of credentials instead of creating a different password.

What is SCIM
User provisioning (SCIM) technology creates, modifies, or disables user accounts and their profiles across IT infrastructure and business applications. With this feature, you can modify, create, and deactivate users in Plai automatically, synchronizing with updates in the authentication provider.

Should my organization use SSO & SCIM? Here’re some benefits of these integrations:

- Ease of access. Once enabled, your employees will be uploaded to Plai automatically, so they don’t need to sign up in Plai and remember one more password.
- Auto-sync of your employee data - employees are created, modified, or disabled automatically in Plai. You don’t need to do it manually or pay for more users than you need.
- Enhanced security. SSO reduces the number of attack surfaces because employees only log in once each day and only use one set of credentials.

*SSO and SCIM integrations will be available for users of the Enterprise plan. Learn more about our pricing here.

Check our guide on setting up SSO and SCIM and contact to get help with configuration.

🌏 Localization

We are adding more languages to Plai! We started with Ukrainian to support our Ukrainian users, and more languages are coming with the next releases. Dreaming about using Plai in your local language? Just let us know, and we’ll prioritize your language.

You can switch the language on the log-in dashboard or in profile settings (MenuEdit profileLanguage).

Changing language in Plai

📲 Mobile app experience optimization

Imagine you can update the 1:1 agenda on the go, or your team can submit the review responses just by taking their smartphone from their pocket. Now you can access all (well, almost all Plai non-Admin features from the mobile browser. The OKRs mobile layout update is on the way and scheduled for the next month!

Plai mobile optimization

Coming soon

🔜 Context Panel for Reviews. We learned that connecting review questions with goals and previous feedback is helpful and makes review sessions more insightful.
🔜 Mobile layout for OKRs. We’re still optimizing the OKR section for the mobile version to make it bright and shining.
🔜 Integration with HR systems. This will help you automate even more your employee updates: managers, gender, tenure, and other important data will sync automatically with your HR system.
🔜 Review improvements. We studied your feedback and working on updates to make reviews even more customizable and prepare a library of reviews templates & questions bank.
🔜 OKR analytics and reporting. We’re updating the dashboards with more useful metrics to help you track strategy execution, team alignment, and more to inform your decisions.

Updated on: 26/07/2022

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